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(1) A frontier town in the South of Chanaan (Num 34:4; Josh 15:3). It has not been identified.

(2) King of Edom, Gen 36:39, called Adad (R. V., Hadad), 1Chr 1:50.

(3) The twelfth month of the Jewish year, corresponding approximately to the latter half of February and the first half of March.

(4) A Chaldean god. The name is found in the compound word Adramelech (Adar is Wing) in 2Kg 17:31.

Portions of this entry are taken from The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1907.

"large", the sixth month of the civil and the twelfth of the ecclesiastical year of the Jews (Est 3:7, Est 8:12). It included the days extending from the new moon of our March to the new moon of April. The name was first used after the Captivity. When the season was backward, and the lambs not yet of a paschal size, or the barley not forward enough for abib, then a month called Veadar, i.e., a second Adar, was intercalated.

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This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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