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Hebrew text can be used in the Bible wiki in a variety of ways. For example, to add the word מן (min), in increasing order of preference (i.e. use the last possible version from this list):

  1. An image: Image:Min-hebrew.jpg (Many of the pages imported from the Jewish Encyclopedia reference missing (image)s for the Hebrew text)
  2. Raw Hebrew characters: מן
  3. Hebrew characters wrapped in the 'Hebrew' template: {{hebrew|מן}}
  4. HTML entities (preferably in the template): {{hebrew|מן}}

Using Template:Hebrew ensures that a Hebrew font is used, where available, rather than falling back on a default Unicode font.

We recommend the SBL Hebrew Font, which is available free of charge from


Letter HTML Name Transliteration Pronunciation example
א {{hebrew|א}} aleph ' almost silent (like h in honest)
ב {{hebrew|ב}} beth b v have
בּ {{hebrew|בּ}} beth+dagesh b b bar
ג {{hebrew|ג}} gimel g g soft, as in tag
גּ {{hebrew|גּ}} gimel+dagseh g g hard, as in goal
ד {{hebrew|ד}} daleth d th the
דּ {{hebrew|דּ}} daleth+dagesh d d door
ה {{hebrew|ה}} he h h ham
ו {{hebrew|ו}} waw w w wall
ז {{hebrew|ז}} zayin z z zeal
ח {{hebrew|ח}} heth ch loch
ט {{hebrew|ט}} teth t toe
י {{hebrew|י}} yodh y y you
כ {{hebrew|כ}} kaph k k soft, Bach
ך {{hebrew|ך}} kaph (final)
כּ {{hebrew|כּ}} kaph+dagesh k k hard, car
ל {{hebrew|ל}} lamedh l l lass
מ {{hebrew|מ}} mem m m man
ם {{hebrew|ם}} mem (final)
נ {{hebrew|נ}} nun n n now
ן {{hebrew|ן}} nun (final)
ס {{hebrew|ס}} samekh s s sour
ע {{hebrew|ע}} ayin harsh throaty sound
פ {{hebrew|פ}} pe p f fall
ף {{hebrew|ף}} pe (final)
פּ {{hebrew|פּ}} pe+dagesh p p pour
צ {{hebrew|צ}} sadhe ts rats
ץ {{hebrew|ץ}} sadhe (final)
ק {{hebrew|ק}} qodh q or loud and throaty
ר {{hebrew|ר}} resh r r roam
שׂ {{hebrew|שׂ}} sin s sin
שׁ {{hebrew|שׁ}} shin sh shin
ת {{hebrew|ת}} taw t th thin
תּ {{hebrew|תּ}} taw+dagesh t t tall

Vowel HTML Name Transliteration Pronunciation example
ַ {{hebrew|ַ}} patah a as in bat bat
ָ {{hebrew|ָ}} qamets a as in father father
ֶ {{hebrew|ֶ}} segol e as in better better
ֵ {{hebrew|ֵ}} tsere e as in they they
ִ {{hebrew|ִ}} hireq i as in bitter bitter
ֹ {{hebrew|ֹ}} holem (above) o as in role role
ֻ {{hebrew|ֻ}} qibbets u as in ruler ruler
{{hebrew|וּ}} shureq u as in ruler ruler
ְ {{hebrew|ְ}} shewa
ֲ {{hebrew|ֲ}} hatef patah a as in hat hat
ֱ {{hebrew|ֱ}} hatef segol e as in met met
ֳ {{hebrew|ֳ}} hatef qamets o as in not not
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