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The Book of Odes was to be found in the LXX, but is generally only now found in Eastern Orthdox Bibles.

It includes the Prayer of Manasseh, and various prayers and songs found elsewhere in the Bible, as well as an extended Gloria in Excelsis.


  1. An Ode of Moses (Ex 15:1-Ex 15:9)
  2. An Ode of Moses (Deut 32:1-Deut 32:43)
  3. A Prayer of Anna, the mother of Samuel (1 Kg 2:1-1 Kg 2:10
  4. A Prayer of Ambacum (Hab 3:2-Hab 3:19)
  5. A Prayer of Esaias (Isa 26:9-Isa 26:20
  6. A Prayer of Jonas (Jonah 2:3-Jonah 2:10)
  7. A Prayer of Azarias (Dan 3:26-Dan 3:45)
  8. The Song of the Three Young Men (Dan 3:52-Dan 3:88)
  9. A Prayer of Mary the Theotokos (Lk 1:46-Lk 1:55) + A Prayer of Zacharias (Lk 1:68-Lk 1:79)
  10. A Song of Esaias (Isa 5:1-Isa 5:9)
  11. A Prayer of Jezekiel (Isa 38:10-Isa 38:20)
  12. A Prayer of Manasses
  13. A Prayer of Simeon (Lk 2:29-Lk 2:32)
  14. A Song of Early Morning (Gloria in Excelsis)
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