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  1. Heb. tannim, plural of tan. The name of some unknown creature inhabiting desert places and ruins (Job 30:29; Ps 4419; Isa 13:22; Isa 34:13; Isa 43:20; Jer 10:22; Mic 1:8; Mal 1:3); probably, as translated in the Revised Version, the jackal.
  2. Heb. tannin. Some great sea monster (Jer 51:34). In Isa 51:9 it may denote the crocodile. In Gen 1:21 (Heb. plural tanninim) the Authorized Version renders "whales," and the Revised Version "sea monsters." It is rendered "serpent" in Ex 7:9. It is used figuratively in Ps 7413; Ezek 29:3.

In the New Testament the word "dragon" is found only in Rev 12:3ff, and is there used metaphorically of Satan.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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