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Meaning: boiling spring

The ancient name given to the bow-shaped mountain range, situated north of the Ras Ibziḳ separating the plain of Esdraelon (Jezreel) on the east, from the valley of the Jordan, and sloping off abruptly toward the Jalud ravine at the northwest. It is now known as Jebel Fukua'.

In its center is situated the village of Jalbon, which appears to have preserved the old name (see Buhl, "Geographie des Alten Palästina," pp. 103, 107, 204).

The region is memorable as the scene of Saul's disastrous defeat by the Philistines, with the death not only of Sal, but also his three sons were killed (1Sam 28:4; 1Sam 31:1ff; 2 Sam 1:6ff; 2 Sam 21:12; 1Chr 10:1ff).

When the tidings of this defeat were conveyed to David, he gave utterance to the pathetic words in the "Song of the Bow" (2 Sam 1:19ff).

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.
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