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Meaning: remover or increaser.

(1.) Joseph, Son of Jacob

(2.) One of the sons of Asaph, head of the first division of sacred musicians (1Chr 25:2, 1Chr 25:9).

(3.) The son of Judah, and father of Semei (Lk 3:26). Other two of the same name in the ancestry of Christ are also mentioned (Lk 3:24, Lk 3:30).

(4.) Joseph, Father of Jesus

(5.) Joseph of Arimathea

(6.) Surnamed Barsabas (Acts 1:23); also called Justus. He was one of those who "companied with the apostles all the time that the Lord Jesus went out and in among them" (Acts 1:21), and was one of the candidates for the place of Judas.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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