Psalm 151

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Psalm 151
This Psalm is ascribed to David and is outside the number. When he slew Goliath in single combat.
[This Title is given in the Septuagint]

1 Little was I among my brethren:
younger brother in my father's house.

2 My hands, they made an instrument of music:
My fingers, they prepared a psaltery.

3 And who shall bring back tidings to my master?
The Lord Himself, Himself gives ear.

4 Himself sent forth His messenger:
And took me from among my father's sheep;
And with the oil of His annointing He annointed me.

5 Comely my brethren were and tall:
And yet they found not favour with the Lord.

6 But I, I sallied forth to meet the alien:
And he reviled me by all his idols.

7 But I drew forth the sword that was beside him:
I cut his head off with it,
And from the sons of Israel removed reproach.

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