Sirach Chapter 14

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1: Blessed is the man that hath not slipped with his mouth, and is not pricked with the multitude of sins. edit

2: Blessed is he whose conscience hath not condemned him, and who is not fallen from his hope in the Lord. edit

3: Riches are not comely for a niggard: and what should an envious man do with money? edit

4: He that gathereth by defrauding his own soul gathereth for others, that shall spend his goods riotously. edit

5: He that is evil to himself, to whom will he be good? he shall not take pleasure in his goods. edit

6: There is none worse than he that envieth himself; and this is a recompence of his wickedness. edit

7: And if he doeth good, he doeth it unwillingly; and at the last he will declare his wickedness. edit

8: The envious man hath a wicked eye; he turneth away his face, and despiseth men. edit

9: A covetous man's eye is not satisfied with his portion; and the iniquity of the wicked drieth up his soul. edit

10: A wicked eye envieth [his] bread, and he is a niggard at his table. edit

11: My son, according to thy ability do good to thyself, and give the Lord his due offering. edit

12: Remember that death will not be long in coming, and that the covenant of the grave is not shewed unto thee. edit

13: Do good unto thy friend before thou die, and according to thy ability stretch out thy hand and give to him. edit

14: Defraud not thyself of the good day, and let not the part of a good desire overpass thee. edit

15: Shalt thou not leave thy travails unto another? and thy labours to be divided by lot? edit

16: Give, and take, and sanctify thy soul; for there is no seeking of dainties in the grave. edit

17: All flesh waxeth old as a garment: for the covenant from the beginning is, Thou shalt die the death. edit

18: As of the green leaves on a thick tree, some fall, and some grow; so is the generation of flesh and blood, one cometh to an end, and another is born. edit

19: Every work rotteth and consumeth away, and the worker thereof shall go withal. edit

20: Blessed is the man that doth meditate good things in wisdom, and that reasoneth of holy things by his understanding. edit

21: He that considereth her ways in his heart shall also have understanding in her secrets. edit

22: Go after her as one that traceth, and lie in wait in her ways. edit

23: He that prieth in at her windows shall also hearken at her doors. edit

24: He that doth lodge near her house shall also fasten a pin in her walls. edit

25: He shall pitch his tent nigh unto her, and shall lodge in a lodging where good things are. edit

26: He shall set his children under her shelter, and shall lodge under her branches. edit

27: By her he shall be covered from heat, and in her glory shall he dwell. edit

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